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La Réserve a guest house! La Réserve is a Guest house located at the tip of a spit of land "Cap Bon" north-east of Tunisia, in a small coastal town called El Hawaria located a few miles from the neighboring Sicile.Les Romans nicknamed El Hawaria, the Aquilaria or "land of the eagle" .In effect each spring nearly 40,000 majestic and haughty eagles stop at the tip of the cape before crossing the Mediterranean. The area is now famous for its art of Falconry and very committed to the protection of its royal visiteurs.El Hawaria is also a rich flora and fauna made of green plains, mountains and unspoilt sublime caves dug into the rock by the slaves of the Carthaginians and romains.El Hawaria is especially the sea: Emerald and violet summer, blue and indigo spring or black and furious the hiver.A away from El Hawaria City, La Reserve is lonely, withdrawn and shy. It is nestled in a small bay, nestled in lush greenery, offering its visitors rest, calm and discretion.

The history

Facing the neighboring island Zembra at the bottom of a creek, built on 2 hectares in the middle of scrubland thyme and rosemary, La Reserve was once a resort owned by a French sailor lover of nature, fishing and wildlife sites. Robert Gabriel Dupuy.
Mr. Dupuy then judged the perfect place to find the pleasures of nature and reconnect with serenity.
In 1942, there built a small house of sinner diving in the green, whitewashed and animated by a simple and serene life away from civilization became too noisy and diving at the time in a second world war .
The reserve is now true heir of this choice of life, love for nature and the desire to retire and relax in serenity.


To day

Dupuy house is a charming residence with the old principal residence and 8 comfortably furnished bungalows opening widely via their terraces on the open sea as well as a landscaped garden and adjoining a small wood.
Today, La Réserve is rich of this architectural and natural heritage and the site opens to guests in order to perpetuate the tradition of nature lovers who come to find lodging and rest.


La Réserve has a limited capacity to Guest house.
Seven Bungalows are available to our guests, furnished with simplicity, sobriety and conciliatory at the pre various tastes.
A large fair is open to all guests providing services, sharing and conviviality around a central fireplace.
Bungalows and Grand Salon is beautifully nestled in a landscaped garden, neat and green overlooking a beautiful cove downstream where the sea shines in beauty under the soft light of the serene Zembra.
A guide to the inner life in the reserve will be provided by our staff.

 La Réserve, a welcoming

Life at La Réserve

We are always pleased and proud to see our customers fully enjoy this beautiful spring-like in the rest and relaxation to the reserve.


Local products

  1. Bsissa
  2. Ftaer
  3. Huile d'olive
  4. Confiture fait maison (orange,fraise,framboise,abricot)
  5. Pain paysan

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Price per season

  • High season

    DT350 bunglaow (2 persons)
    • From 21 June to 19 september
    • Lodging & Breakfast
    • An additional fee for the 3rd person +80DT
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  • Low season

    DT250 bunglaow (2 persons)
    • From 20 september to 20 June
    • Lodging & Breakfast
    • An additional fee for the 3rd person +50DT
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Contact Us

Contact & Reservation


Contact Informations

Address : El Haouaria Maison d'hôte La Réserve Téléphone : (+216) 23 873 000 / (+216) 71 874 587  Email : resa@lareserve.tn SiteWeb : www.lareserve.tn